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retracing my statement about shipping Chuck and Blair effective immediately. I just watched the episode he got physically abusive with her. Disgusting.

Someone needs to kill Serena off ASAP please she’s the worst character ever invented omg. Did she seriously just call Louis’ mother out of jealousy?


Someone told me love will all save us.

Hate being on mobile cus I can’t reply to replies. Sorryyyy

Hate being on mobile cus I can’t reply to replies. Sorryyyy

Unpopular opinion: still don’t see Roy as part of team arrow. It’ll always be the ot3 for me

is it weird that i still associate you with SE???

Not at all. To this day I think the stelena tag contains the most pages even though for the first few years I didn’t tag my shit. Perhaps one day when it’s revealed that it wasn’t Elena all along and it was the millionth doppelganger who’d kidnapped Elena after 4x1 and pretended to be her all this time I’ll start posting them again haha

but no, it’s not weird. 

why did you gave up on stelena? You were my queen of sassiness. I wish you'd be much stronger than that and stay till the end :( But anyways, I wanted to say, you are amazing.

I stood by them for two seasons of bullshit and there comes a point where you realise what you’re rooting for is no longer what’s on the screen. 

The simple answer to the question as to why I don’t ship them is: Elena Gilbert. I can’t stand that character anymore. I adored her because she was kind, selfless, fiercely loyal and protective and had morals. Now? She’s a shell of who she used to be. The qualities I loved best about her have been distilled into nothing. She had no morals, she doesn’t bat an eyelid or even protest as Damon goes around carrying on with his psychopathic antics. She’s no longer complimentary with Stefan who despite his problems strives to be good and in my opinion after everything she’s put him through he deserves so much better. 

Look up character regression and the definition will be: Elena Gilbert. 

ps. thank you, you’re very sweet and I appreciate it! Much love and apologies for the elena rant :) 

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Why does ian keep on fighting with children? Like c’mon dude why waste your time?