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stiles + derek meme
• favorite episode → abomination

if someone could vid stelena to Coldplay’s MAGIC that’d be great 

im so mad that paul's episode got the lowest ratings of the series. like WHAT THE FUCK it was his debut he deserves better

I’m so disappointed for him, it’s because of the damn timing. Hiatus and the fact that this show in general has gone to shit. Poor Paul

giffing stelena for the first time this year lol

"I’ll always love you." "I’ll always love you, too."

you didn’t wanna be alone. and that’s what this boils down to.

To me that episode was way more in SE favour than DE favour. I think the point is to prove stefan wrong. We all know you can be in love and friends. Thats the beauty of it. Whether its at the end of season 6, or now. Theyre gonna realize it, and its going to be even more beautiful than it was before; if thats even possible.

I don’t know how on earth they’ll develop Stefan and Elena past this because damn they’re so fucked up now but those who still care should know that there’s still a chance tbh. If anything, Elena’s dedication to Damon currently will most likely flip season 6. why would they make endgame obvious now? idk

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i was really upset/mad too- and it felt like closure but then i kinda settled down and realized that you cant possibly bury stelena yet- not with over a season left to go & them being a part of the main triangle

You’re absolutely right. Furthermore, I mean let’s take a look at himym (even though i didn’t agree with the ending) Robin ended up with Ted despite all the last god knows how many seasons were Barney and Robin. SE is still in the race

Paul’s tweet last night changed my opinion on everything. Bob Levy is still the executive producer of the show. He is the biggest stelena stan of all and openly admits it! I thought he wasn’t involved after season one…but since he is idk there’s hope. I trust him.