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Do you have any kind offeeling about this? Is someone in there gonna die?

Yes, and it’s not just a feeling.


No escape from the storm inside of me.


spn music - [2 / ?] - “Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin'
        Our very street today
        Burns like a red coal carpet
            Mad bull lost its way



Raphael’s Madonna with Child


#TVD time. Tomorrow 8pm on the CW. We’re back … Vampire time. They don’t age… But we have ! Wow… 6 years and counting … :)

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captainswaan omg I’m so confused now :O I was just told now that it’s tomorrow idk. Ps. Tomorrow is a Thursday though you sausage

My bad tvd is back tomorrow!

Do you know when tvd will be back please?

I don’t know the exact date because I’m not watching it this year but I’m sure someone who follows me will know and can tell you. I know Arrow is back next week (yaaay) and so is Supernatural too (I think) so that’d be my guess :)