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    Emma Swan Birthday Week - October 19th to 26th

Gorgeous in the Past!Enchanted Forest

I don’t understand why they’re having Caroline be so hard on Stefan. He just lost his brother and a friend, he shouldn’t have to be there for anyone else - he’s grieving too.

Oh lord I just saw the tvd webclip

Chant with me: I will not re-fall for stelena, I will not re-fall for stelena

Frozen and Once Upon a Time Parallel

I’m not very good at Twitter and I don’t go on it very often, but when I do read through things people have Tweeted I’m shocked at how direct they are. I mean, proposals of marriage and things like that. I’m not gonna say yes to someone I’ve never met, am I?



Kat and Ian in their own little bubble while the rest of cast are being interviewed

Really annoys me when there’s a question at a Con about which Salvatore should end up with Elena and they say neither deserve her. Actually at this point it’s her who’s unworthy of their love. Sorry not even sorry, that character is a hot mess and can’t be placed on a moral pedestal anymore.