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i agree with your comment about Haleb. But even tho their driking habits are no good, caleb is the only one who gives a shit about hanna and who has realized something is wrong with her, ever since ali came back from the dead, so i'm glad he's back

Oh no, don’t get me wrong I’m glad he’s back but I wish it wasn’t like this. They’re so unhealthy for each other right now when before what they had was light and beautiful and although he can read her like a book the way they’re getting through their troubled time is no good. Instead of spiralling alone they’re just spiralling together :(


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Yes. Because these people are not stupid. They know a good thing when they see it.

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There’s Katie, then there’s Emily…

as much as I love them together, hanna and caleb have something unhealthy going on right now and it depresses me. This was not the reunion I wanted.

haleb   :((  

“We share such a similar aesthetic. Relaxed but cool, easy but stylish. It felt very organic. It’s very SoCal—easy, fun, flirty, and cool.” - Lucy Hale for Hollister Co.